Certification course for OAK PX Personality Profiles

This course lasts for four days, divided into two two-day teaching seminars.

The organization of the certification course is heavily based on individual contributions and personal follow-up by the course instructors in between course days: reading, collaboration with other participants, written assignments, participation in internet discussion fora, and supervised completion of personality profiles.

Examination: A written home examination followed by an oral examination.

Course fee is NOK 18,500 for a four days course, and NOK 14,000 for a two days course which includes a short pre-course.

Examination and authorization: NOK 6,500.

Registration deadline: A maximum capacity of 12 participants on each course applies. It is therefore advisable to sign up as soon as you decide that you wish to join the course.

Registration: Send us a brief, written application in which you tell us why you are seeking authorization and of any training or experience you may have gained from using other profiling tools/tests. Please also submit your CV. Applications should be sent to us by e-mail.

Courses for other OAK analysis tools

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