TRAINING AND AUTHORIZATION: Contribute to competent use

Authorisation is required before the OAK PX personality profiles and the OAK LX leadership evaluation tools may be used. Training in the other OAK tools is recommended, though this is not a requirement.

Main purpose: A competent user of occupational psychometric assessment tools and tests should be able to use these appropriately, in a professional and ethically responsible manner. The purpose of certification is to ensure that users possess sufficient competence and are therefore able to comply with the international guidelines on test use developed by the International Test Commission, which are recognized and adapted by the Norwegian Psychological Association.

The OAK Certification Council is the professional body responsible for certification, and represents competence from operational management, HR management, psychology, statistics, recruitment and organizational development.

Quality of training: The emphasis in the certification course is on dialogue and interaction. Candidates are given close and individual follow-up so as to assure the quality of the training.

The course is adapted to the requirements of the STN (Norwegian Certification Council for Test Use).

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